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About Land of Myth & Not

Land of Myth & Not began in 1995 as a family owned and operated business in Moorpark, California. Inspired by our love for the Fey, we began by making our oil candles in our garage and selling them at craft fairs. After a lot of hard work, we grew enough to expand into a larger facility. Though working out of a garage is certainly a lot cheaper, the new facility soon allowed us to become the largest manufacturer of fantasy oil candles. Oh well - the cost of success!

Since that time, Land of Myth & Not has continued to add excellent artists to its repertoire. These artists work in a variety of media, but they all share one thing in common: our love of faeries and the fantastic worlds that surround them. We have produced products from the imaginations of Amy Brown, Marjolein Gulinski, Sherri Baldy, and Suzanne Melody.

We signed on three new talented artists in 2006. These artists are Sheila Wolk, Scott Koznar,Vicki Visconti-Tilley, Eileen Steinhauer & Sabrina The Ink Witch. We are proud to announce that Vicki Visconti-Tilley has won the very first ARTV Fine Art Awards for 2005. We signed on four new artists in 2007. Melissa Valdez who paints wonderful soft watercolor faeries, Kirby Leary who paints unique fairies with flowers and frogs, Pamela Delli Colli with her stylish fairy art and the mystical faeries of Scott Koznar. In 2008 we signed on renowned artist Sheila Wolk.

We hope you enjoy our artist's imagination and their creativity.

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Land of Myth & Not, Inc.

Land of Myth & Not, Inc. Land of Myth & Not, Inc.
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