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  Suzanne Melody
Suzanne Melody first started painting during her childhood, when her imaginative years took hold and she first felt she was a faerie within. She would look in the mirror to check if her wings had started growing yet, because she felt so close to the faerie realm that she knew that it would forever be a part of her. Suzanne Melody’s favorite time to paint is during the tween times, like at dusk, the time between light and dark, when all around us seems surreal, and when the veil between this life and the faerie world is thinnest and most transparent.
It is when magical visions of the other world naturally manifest into her psyche and imbed themselves within her spirit. When she is in the tween time, Suzanne Melody is transported to an enchanted reality, the magical forest of the realm of the fae. Surrounded by candles aflame, her cats sit around her on her painting table to watch as the beauty of the faeries comes alive and their glowing eyes can see that her medium is not paint, nor brush, nor anything made, but her actual faerie spirit etching into time a vision of magical beings and sparkling faerie dust which she sprinkles gently from that world into this one... for all to see.
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