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  Sabrina - The Ink Witch

Sabrina, known as "The Ink Witch", has been perfecting her pen and ink artwork for over 30 years. Her artwork has captured the hearts and minds of many and has been purchased or displayed worldwide. She has contributed to hundreds of magazines and publications all over the globe and illustrated books as well. Her specialty to meditate and communicate with deity has allowed her to capture Gods and Goddesses in a way that no other artist can. Sabrina studied hard to gain a connection to the mythologies of the past and that allows her to render fantasy to paper like no other.

Pen and ink drawings take up to 40+ hours to complete and each one is a special effort enchanted with magic and lore. Sabrina still dips a nibbled pen into the ink well much as her ancestors did long ago. The art community considers her a purist because of her devotion to old world techniques.

Let the old ways of an ancient craft take you back in time.


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