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  Marjolein Gulinski

My name is Marjolein Gulinski and born in 1982 in Holland! I have always loved drawing from a very young age and my family and friends have always told me that I should become an artist, so I decided to make it my career and have been professionally drawing since I was 17 years! I have always been interested in the artworks of Amy Brown, Jessica Galbreth, Anton Pieck, Alan Lee, Stephanie Pui Mun Law, Brian Froud and many more. I have always loved Disney animation and have been influenced by this style also. Maybe you can see this in my work? I am now also becoming more and more influenced by the artwork from Lord of the Rings. I am quite a perfectionist and when I paint I make sure that every smallest detail is perfect, if something seems wrong, even if it is just something so small that no-one else notices, I start again from scratch. I love drawing fantasy art because I feel that the idea is so happy and uplifting that it can bring light into anyone’s world.

And every time I create a new piece of artwork, I am able to put a piece of myself into the art, making it my own style! People often tell me that they can see me in my works.

Having my paintings sold all over the world has been my lifelong dream and already it’s coming true. Enjoy looking further through my site and I hope that you will come back again soon!

I hope you will enjoy my paintings and drawings as much as I enjoyed making them.

Many Magical Greetings



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